Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I have been having such a blast, playing music with friends. Last fall, I took my folder of songs, alphebetized them and had them rpinted into a book. My Creative Connectionz sing-a-long with chords book.  It's amazing how full I feel....how peaceful I feel after a fun jam session! I play alot on my own, and that kind of playing is what created some of my bad playing habits, example "my rhythm" etc..... and when I play with others, there is the need for everyone to be on the same downbeat....so it's enhanced my skill level..... and looking at someones fingers while we play guitar is a new experience in playing. I find I'm pretty dependent on sheets of music with verse and chords..... it's so refreshing..... I just love playing.
I've been playing on my own since 1982, 31 years now, during the first 2 years of playing I played at the Winnebago Folk Festival in IL..... then I went underground and didn't play in front of anyone again, until about 6-7 years ago....2006 ish.... being the EmCee for CornStalk helped...interviewing the musicians made me realize I am no differant than they are....so I started playing with friends. I sang in teh church choir, under the great direction of Tim Purdam, so my voice imroved, my rhythm inpoved....I still clutched the guitar like I was needing to hold it together....and now my touch, my holding the guitar is os improved! I LOVE to Sing, and I love to play guitar!
Here's to many more songs sung and chords strummed!

Monday, February 6, 2012

New songs

Workin on some new songs with Marcy.... an old Woody Guthrie, Roll on Colombia .....

and another one that doesn't have a title but goes like this.....

There is a time for love and laughter
the days will pass like summer storms
the winter wind will follow after
but there is love and love is warm!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall schedule

What an amazing start to this beautiful autumn in Iowa! The Chicka Wow Wowz continue to create music and time to sit and sing together....as we all should. Had a great sing-a-long at my house over Labor Day and everyone who attened agreed that this was so much fun and we MUST do it again soon!
I'll hopefully be better about getting the word out to folks when this happens!
Keep Singing and makin MUSIC!!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Seeds of Growth tour

The Chicka Wow Wowz are palnning their spring and summer tour.

The first concert will be at the 44th Gathering of the Tribe, here in Iowa. Concert is Saturday, May 14. The Gathering is a Dynion Myn Celtic festival and gathering. The Chicka'z will also be facilitating the evening drum circles, morning movement, and other workshops through-out the festival!

The second stop on the tour is Mc Call, Idaho, Tacoma, WA, and hopefully another gig or two along the way in June! Stay tuned for more info on that!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

chicka wow wow practice

It's time to learn some new songs to share with the Chicka Wow Wow chickz! Already working on getting another tour set up for next summer, 2011!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Chicka Wow Wow Feel'n Groovy tour

Next Wednesday starts the Chicka Wow Wow Feel'n Groovy Tour! We'll be start'n the tour at the Gathering of the Tribes, near Steamboat Rock, IA....on stage on Saturday from 5:30 til 6 p.m., July 17th. Then we're off to Sherman, NY and the Brushwood Music Fest, where we'll be in the talen show on Monday, July 19th, and on stage later in the week. Back home, off the road from the tour on July 25th. In time for me to high-tail to DesMoines to make my mother-in-lawz 100th birthday party! Stay Tuned!